Omnichannel cross-selling made easy

Because every customer is unique

Make each client feel special through effective omnichannel marketing campaigns orchestration


Define your Segments | Define your Campaigns | Orchestrate multiple Campaigns |  Analyze in Real Time

The Real-Time Conversion Monitoring Dashboard enables to continuously evaluate thecampaigns effectiveness. By analyzing what is working or what is not working, it’s possible to immediately react and refine campaigns without waiting until they finalize.

How it works? 

Take a peak at our demo from Finovate Fall 2018


For the Marketing Team

  • Audience management through central repository of segments.
  • Smart targeting based on behavioral information, demographic & other variables.
  • Predefined high level conditions for simple segment definition.
  • Manual and automatic import of external segmentation data.
  • Dynamic addition of new fields to the client's profile.
  • Multistep conversion & onboarding process (Forms, Conditions).

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For the Sales Team

  • Easy integration with external data sources
    Software Development Kit (SDK) for cost-effective integration of multiple channels.
  • REST API based integration.
  • Funnel extensibility support (add-ins).
  • Campaign audit log for change tracking.
  • Office Channels (ATM, IVR, Branch, etc…).
  • Webservice support for Backoffice integrations.
  • Review and approval workflow for campaign content.
  • Custom outbound contact policies.

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