The 5 key benefits of using a marketing automation platform

Posted by Ianai Urwicz on Mar 13, 2019 8:58:00 AM
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Imagine if you had to write an email to each of your contacts, generate attractive content and also spread it. Marketing today is about tools that facilitate all these aspects to realize a strategy in a successful way.

How can a digital marketing platform help us?

In the first place, it automatizes work processes and, as a consequence, our effort decreases while our efficiency grows. The idea is to maximize results by centralizing tasks and taking advantage of resources, saving time and money. These are two of the most important benefits.

Marketing platforms improves timing and streamlines processes but what other benefits does it have?

 1. To automatize means to speed up and make things happen in a timely manner

When we talk about automation, we do not just refer to a program that can send hundreds of emails or a chain of emails with hours of difference, personalized to each contact.

While it is true that with automation we avoid spending too much time on basic and repetitive tasks, such as data collection, posting on social networks, monitoring the metrics of our content or visits to our website, it mainly allows us to concentrate and give personalized follow-up to those prospects who are actually interested in our services.


It sounds easy, but how does it work?

From the moment our content awakens an interest, we launch automated marketing actions, the so-called work processes or workflows. They work within a strategy to nurture prospects, so that our potential client is better informed about the different difficulties faced, and gets to know about the solutions that exist for that problem, until a decision regarding a product or service is made.

For example, a potencial customer may have downloaded an ebook on our site. Automation platforms, having registered this behaviors¿, generates a follow-up action, which allows us to interact with potential customers: no manual work but according to the timing and interest of each one. "Mass personalization" what a paradox.


2. Decisions are made based on the analysis of the facts

There are no good decisions without good records of metrics. They are a north, the compass that guides the way. Needless to say, to be able to grow, you have to correct what does not work, and monitor what happens allows us to detect it on time.

Marketing automation platform metrics show us how effective we are: either by the number of people who visit our site, the number of those who become prospects, of those who continue to interact with us and of those who become customers to begin with. An intelligent decision is based on making good use of the information we have and of course, sometimes the news are not good.

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But having lots of numbers is useless if we do not have a clear objective. What do we measure and what do we want to achieve? The metrics should go hand in hand with the objectives of our company. It is only with objectives that we can compare the infinite variables that can be measured to determine what works and what does not.

What is the use of knowing that we achieved 100 new sales, if we do not analyze the time and investment involved in obtaining them? It is essential to know if our strategy is profitable.


3. One place for everything

Omnichannel platforms  offers different functions in a single place. Tools evolve centralizing more and more tasks. To stop wasting time on passwords and focus on doing more marketing, sounds difficult when we have 10, 15 different tools to do digital marketing. With the newest platforms, we can also integrate contacts and behaviors into a single database. Centralization, in turn, allows us to analyze the interactions of our prospects and obtain detailed reports about their behavior.prisma_campaigns_personalization

From there it is possible to manage our entire content strategy: landing pages, calls to action, forms, the website, social networks, blog, everything. Not only facilitates the publication, but also the effective implementation of essential strategies such as SEO (or Pillar contents), to reach the desired audience at the right time. Some of the most popular tools, also provides suggestions of content in real time, to achieve a better positioning in the searches, as well as to obtain the best way to write an email that your readers will adore.


4. Automation does not mean depersonalization

Although many of the tasks can be programmed this doesn’t mean that the contact is depersonalized but quite the opposite. Nowadays, people look for personalized experiences and technology allows us to take advantage of this. We can adapt our content to each user, either something as simple as adding your name to the header of an email, or select the content that comes to you and how it is presented according to your device. Not to mention content appropriate to your interest: we want you to feel that your interests are taken into account.

The key is relevance. By identifying certain features of each client, we can determine to which of these prospects we should give priority, which is the most urgent client to contact?

prisma_campaigns_mobileWe can ask these platforms for each person to be automatically profiled, that is, to assign them a "buyers persona" that allows us to send specific communications to each of them, with the right tone and the words that will connect the most.

Each prospect can be qualified in the Lead Scoring system by comparing certain trends and characteristics that are common to our predetermined "ideal client". Rating them allows us to launch more specific actions. We will not act in the same way with the prospect that is already in the purchase stage, than with the one who enters our site for the first time. We can determine which factors are more relevant to our contacts to provide contents according to the stage of the buyers journey in which they are located.


5. A constant update

Not only is important that the platform automates the actions in the digital world, but it should be also updated constantly. Especially in the digital field the requirements vary and the platform we use must adapt to them. Prisma Campaigns works daily to improve aspects of its platform: new options, more efficient ways of doing things, improvements in the user interface, etc. It is dynamic, a mature product but improving non-stop. You can rest assured that it will evolve and what may be complex today, tomorrow will be much easier. Because in addition, modifications are always thought intuitively. Making the complex simple is one of the mottos.

prisma_customers_surveyAlso, if we talk about updating, it is important to highlight that it works in real time, we know what happens in our entire site, mails and content at the moment. In fact, with these omnichannel platforms you forget about outdated information. You can answer the question, what is really happening in this moment?

The incredible difference it offers is that it can also be compared automatically with what was happening a year ago. But in short, why it’s important having updated data? For making good decisions we already said, however, something even more important is the time it takes to contact our potential customers. Even with current clients.


There is more chance of closing a business if you call an interested contact within 5 and 12 minutes, according to Hubspot State of Inbound

Do not let an opportunity. With automatic processes, omnichannel platforms makes the job easier for your sellers.



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