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Posted by Guadalupe Muro on Sep 3, 2019 9:12:00 AM
Guadalupe Muro

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Guadalupe Muro is a poet and novelist from Bariloche residing in Barcelona. Her poetry book in Spanish, ¿Con Quien Dormías?, was released from Huesos de Jibia, 2007, and her novel in English, Air Carnation, from BookThug, 2014. She attended to residencies in Banff Centre four times and was the recipient of the Raul Urtasun – Frances Harley Scholarship for Young Emerging Artists from Argentina. She often engages in collaborative and mixmedia projects, the soundtrack to the book Air Carnation is an example that can be heard at http://songsforrunawaygirls.com/  it toured Canada through the generosity of Argentine Cultural Affairs Bureau. 


PrismaCampaigns_Separador1Running a business can be a means for fulfilling people's desires. It is much more than just selling products. This is why as marketers we ought to start thinking as poets.

It was only a year ago that I started creating content for inbound marketing. This is a completely new world for me. I'm a creative writer and a poet and I would have never imagined that this would become my job one day. Slowly but steadily my boss introduced me to the main concepts of marketing. And ever since she first taught me about personalization in marketing, each time the same words from the poet Ezra Pound resonate in my mind...


I join these words for four people,

Some others may overhear them,

O world, I am sorry for you,

You do not know these four people.


At first I thought it was curious how random the associations our mind makes can be. I didn't pay much attention to this until now, when almost fully submerged in the world of marketing I realized how accurate this free association was.

Prisma campaigns personalized marketingWhen a poem arrives in our life with perfect timing it hits the core of our life experience. That's what poems do, that's the power of poetry itself. A broken heart can find solace in one poem, and a happy heart can be overjoyed by another poem. Not every poem speaks to every person, not all poems speak to us at every moment of our life. But when they do we feel that the poem was written exclusively for us. Isn't that the ultimate goal of personalization in marketing?

When I read the poem from Ezra Pound I feel I am one of “those four people”. This is obviously impossible, and not only because he died thirteen years before I was born. Even if he had died a hundred years ago I would still feel the same: as if the words were written for me. And I would bet every possible reader of the poem would feel the same. His poem creates a sense of exclusivity: what's special about this four people? Why is he only talking to them? I want to be one of them! I want to be special!

In the case of poems the whole mechanism by which they arrive to our life and move us is absolutely mysterious. Nobody can know for sure what's going to happen with a poem once it's read, nor the reactions it can raise. A poet, when she writes, she simply chooses a portion of reality and turns it into a poem, then she lets it go as if it was a little bird. The poem then starts to have a life of itself. It flies into the world looking for hearts willing to host it for a moment of empathy before continuing its journey. Just like in the old times companies broadcasted ads on TV crossing fingers they would reach the right people that would then become their customers.

Prisma Campaigns - personalization in marketing

But today, as new technologies, digital tools and specific software for personalization arise, the mechanism by which a company can deliver the right offer at the right time for every client is a much less mysterious affair. This means it's easier to make people feel like one of those four people Ezra Pound mentioned in his poem.

According to the ninth annual “B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America” report: “Well-researched personas can help teams create successful content; however, too few content marketers are actually talking with customers to understand their needs (42%).” But these numbers are growing: “Content creation is the area of content marketing where there has been the most reported increase in spending over the last 12 months (56%).”

Personalized marketing in financial institutions Prisma CampaignsWe shouldn't ignore the real power of personalization, because when it is well implemented its power is as strong as the power of poetry. A poem delivered in the right time and the right place can make us feel satisfied, understood, accompanied. Humans desire to be pleased, and the right poem can please our spirit, an emotional state, or a wandering mind. That feeling of fullfilnes is what makes us feel one of those four people. And the right offer delivered at the right moment to a specific client, one that could solve a problem or make a fantasy come true can please a person, even make her happy. Isn't it powerful to think of it this way? 

Lets picture someone planning a trip who gets an email with an amazing offer from the bank for plane tickets. Let's think about a family expecting a new child and realizing their house isn't big enough. How would they feel if their bank offered them an easy way to buy a bigger house? Or a young entrepreneur who is willing to open a shop and receives an offer to get a loan in flexible terms? These are all opportunities for your company to please people.

Think about your business as a way to fulfil people's desires. I guarantee, as a poet, that it is a much more powerful endeavor than just selling products. As marketers we ought to start thinking as poets.

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