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Written by Gaston Vizziano
on September 11, 2019

Prisma Campaigns - Martech ConferenceWe're very happy to continue our tour to take advantage of each and every event, to meet our customers and the marketing community! 

Next stop will be The Martech Conference at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston to immerse ourselves in three days worth of educational sessions covering key topics and practices about marketing technology and operations, to learn yet more about what marketing executives need to stay ahead of marketing developments in the age of big data, automation and personalization.

Have you seen the super agenda?

Martech exists to provide top quality, unbiased information, providing experience, solutions, tactics, and advice from senior-level industry experts, aiming principally at the marketing executive and his or her team.

As Martech says, “The distinction between marketing and technology has been erased. Marketing has become a digital profession that is indistinguishably intertwined with and supported by marketing technology." Prisma Campaigns - Martech Conference

Attending Martech gives the marketing team a short, focused, educational experience with specific insights, practical solutions and tactics, and the chance to make invaluable connections.

It will provide them with the information they require to help them blend their various skills, to get on the same page, to use the same vocabulary and to share the same common experience in order to have the right foundation for dealing with the dichotomies they will face when implementing exponential, state-of-the-art,  technology changes within the standard business hierarchical structure.

Prisma Campaigns - Martech Conference

This event also provides the broader solutions as well as dealing with common necessities such as the need to explore ways to track revenue, to innovate within budgetary restrictions and even how to deal with office politics whilst implementing the technology changes.

I'll be attending the event to remain connected and get an even better understanding of the challenges facing the average marketing executive, which change constantly with the development of new technologies, as well as the emergence of new players, alternative servicing etc.

Prisma Campaigns - Martech Conference

The key to meeting new demands and exceeding those demands, is to listen to clients and understand, from their point of view, how  new technologies and techniques are transforming and redefining their working world and shaping their needs.

Martech provides such a forum and we don't want to miss it! We hope you can join us!


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