CULytics meet-up 4th and 5th September, 2019, San José, California

Posted by Felipe Gil on Aug 22, 2019 9:03:00 AM
Felipe Gil

Prisma Campaigns - CY Lytics meet

We're very happy to visit San José, California on the 4th. and 5th. September to showcase Prisma Campaigns solutions at the Credit Union Data and Transformation meet-up.

The meet-up attracts the most progressive and influential credit unions from across the USA, bringing together executives, data and marketing leaders to discuss and exchange ideas and information about the latest developments in the field of data analytics as these affect their technical and strategic operations.

It is not so much a conference in the traditional sense as a platform where credit unions can discuss topical issues and exchange ideas, technology, experience and insights.

During the conference, we'll be discussing the following themes.

  • Why CULytics?

Credit unions nominally are better customer orientated than the larger financial institutions but struggle to compete in the digitalized market because of size and income limitations. CULytics was created to help credit unions to increase their knowledge and understanding of data-driven digital transformations and to assist them to improve their customers´ experiences and, in turn, increase their revenue.


  • Personalized marketing

Prisma Campaigns - CY Lytics meetPrisma Campaigns will be joining this annual event again, to demonstrate to the credit unions attending the meet-up our solution and updates, showing the credit unions how they can leverage their already personalized member data to deliver greater, more intimate, personalization of their customer services, reacting in real-time to the activities, preferences, and behavior of their individual customers.

Our platform make it possible, using the latest innovations and digital technology, to bring the big corporations style and quality digital experience to the customers of even the smallest credit unions.

Prisma Campaigns knows that the credit unions fear that they, because of their smaller size, will lose out to the larger corporations as artificial intelligence reshapes marketing into a hyper-competitive market place.

But we will show the credit union executives and data managers that it is possible and easy for the smaller credit unions to improve both, targeting and personalization capabilities by harnessing data and machine-learning.

Hope to see you there and let's shape the future in Digital Transformation together!


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