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Posted by Ianai Urwicz on May 10, 2019 9:07:00 AM
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PRISMA CAMPAIGNS - ChecklistIf you are a member or the head of a marketing team with three or more people, chances are you’re already automating basic processes such as sending e-mails. Maybe you’re even planning the switch to a single comprehensive tool.

In many of this field’s best adoption practices, the core of automation is widely regarded as essential: how to ‘nurture’ our prospects, the so-called lead nurturing? In this sense, we would like to share with you three models from digital marketing:

1. First, a traditional approach focused on taking care of the lead. Say, for example, that someone in your firm creates a new lead. You may want to use instruments such as e-mail marketing along with some help from other distribution channels to find out if that new lead suits your business and shows actual interest in your products or services. You can nurture a lead, for instance, to turn it into a potential client using content such as:

  • The sites they visit;
  • Downloadable files;
  • The data they share with you when they fill out a form asking for contact because of an offer.

By meeting every qualifying criterion for a lead, they prove their potential as a client and it’s time to send them to the sales team.



2. Another way to use lead nurturing is called sales-first lead nurturing. This means creating a lead (either on- or off-line) and sending it directly to sales before doing any work on them. If they close the sale, you’re done.

But if the lead didn’t qualify as a potential client and isn’t ready for a purchase, it returns to marketing so they can be nurtured and then back to sales when it’s ready.


3. The third model for integrating the lead-nurturing process to your business is known as lead nurturing as gatekeeper. In this case, your company creates a lead and then starts nurturing it. If the workflow doesn’t meet expectations, you freeze it until you create new content, resources and offers which are adequate and relevant to that lead. The reintegration of the lead into a new process will only happen at the right time, hoping that new content will resonate and stir up a reaction from your lead. That’s when it’s ready to go to the sales team.

prisma_interoperabilityThe best approach for you depends on some decisive factors:

  • Volume: How many leads are you getting every month?
  • Depth: Through which channels they are generated?
  • Execution Power/Muscle: Do you have a salesforce ready? If so, how many telesales or sales representatives do you have?
  • Coordination: What’s your business model?
  • Intensity/Relationship: How long is your sales cycle?

Each of these factors will impact on your workflow and its place in your firm. And let’s remember that no single model works forever: experimenting and testing are a crucial part of an e-mail marketing strategy – even more so in a nurturing strategy.

In order to become more efficient and expand your sales, there’s no need to choose and keep a single strategy – changing or combining models can help a lot!

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