Been there, done that: Some takeaways about AI from forum 2018

Posted by Felipe Gil on Jun 13, 2018 1:29:00 PM
Felipe Gil


Forum 2018 left us with some very interesting insights to face what’s left of the year, even though the event wasn’t only about artificial intelligence, we could collect many takeaways about: machine learning, voice recognition, virtual reality, and data analytics. This comes as no surprise, since those are the industry’s hottest topics at the moment.  Today we would like to share three after thoughts about the conference:

  • Data is the king: we’ve talked non-stop about the customer’s journey and its importance for developing lasting relationships with our customers. It’s essential to know not only what our customers expect from us, but, which products and services to offer them for each moment in time and context. AI comes very handy for this and allows us to view our consumers in an enlightening way, leveraging insights from our data we couldn’t access another way. So, machine learning can be a key tool to help us send the right message to the right customers, considering each person’s context and needs.
  • AI’s Myths: as it happens with any disruptive technology, artificial intelligence is surrounded by myths. In the Financial Brand Forum, we had the chance to talk with lots of people about these Myths: AI is hard to understand, AI is not for me, AI is probably not going to last. All far from the truth, Ai is here to stay, and it’s starting to become indispensable for marketers to keep up with the industry challenges. During the Forum, we had the opportunity to see real examples on how to apply AI, and specially machine learning, for solving multiple common challenges for the industry.
  • Data can also be the enemy: we are swimming in huge amounts of data, which makes it difficult to focus on the data that really matters. It becomes an objective to identify the right metrics, understand the data and act accordingly. Fortunately, we have tools that can help us with the job and we saw many examples at The Forum. Prisma Campaigns is one of them and we had the privilege to demoing it live with great success at the Demo Theater of the conference.  Among other things, we showed how to use your customer data efficiently, targeting tailored audiences with personalized messages and using machine learning to identify the next best marketing action.

Definitely very productive and fun days in Las Vegas. We learned a lot about the importance of artificial intelligence applied to financial services marketing and we had the opportunity to discuss with multiple banks and credit unions about the challenges they are facing when trying to adopt these new technologies. We are here to help! If you’re interested in learning more about how to apply machine learning to increase your marketing’s effectiveness, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to tell you more.

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