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COVID-19: Celebrating the small wins and "good problems” to have

Posted by Felipe Gil on Apr 7, 2020 8:57:11 AM

The Prisma team working hard for you over the last 3 weeks.

I was once told by a mentor to "celebrate the small wins [because] you might not get the big ones." It sounded pessimistic back then. But now I can see how acknowledging whatever progress you’re making lends to endurance. I can also see how right now, it's impossible not to encounter unforeseen challenges. So, we might as well just try to focus on the positives.

As CEO of Prisma, I'd like to share three "good problems" we've had here and what we learned from them.

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COVID-19 outbreak: Suggested best practices for Banks and Credit Unions

Posted by Felipe Gil on Mar 18, 2020 7:48:23 PM

The Prisma Team goes remote for our Monday All-Hands meeting.

These are extraordinary times for all of us, and we hope you, your family, and your community are adjusting to these unprecedented circumstances. For many businesses, including Banks and Credit Unions, this is a major test of our digital capacity, our ability to solve problems, calm anxieties, and support the full spectrum of our members online. 


The digital imperative has arrived, he's impatient, and his name is COVID-19. 

Here at Prisma we’re inspired to see our clients rising to the challenge and responding in creative ways to continue serving, and providing relief to, their members and clients. We’re proud to be part of this #beRelevant task force.

As a result of what we've learned in these first days of the outbreak and how it is impacting industries and individuals globally, we’ve prepared some suggested best practices for Banks and Credit Unions to adjust their digital presence and marketing campaigns.

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Face-to-face season is about to start...

Posted by Felipe Gil on Feb 19, 2020 3:15:19 PM

We’re about to kick off our 2020 conference season!

Our favorite thing about industry events is having the chance to meet with our clients and partners, face-to-face.

If you are headed to one of these conferences we would love to link up in person with you and your company, so please don’t hesitate to connect!

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Challenges and opportunities for Credit Unions - a year of learning

Posted by Felipe Gil on Dec 26, 2019 9:08:00 AM

As the year draws to a close, we gathered the team here to reflect on what we are seeing out there in terms of challenges and opportunities for Credit Unions.

2019 brought lots of activity - various conferences, numerous meetings and calls, and many opportunities to work together with amazing clients and partners. We read hundreds, thousands of blogs, reports, tweets. What have we learned? Which facts and data we are choosing, and how are we interpreting them?

For this end-of-year post, rather than something new, I wanted something useful: a clear picture for ourselves and our credit union clients, confirming our north. We are seeing something actionable and compelling, and as CEO of Prisma I  want to share it with you.

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Personalized artwork? Taking personalization further

Posted by Felipe Gil on Dec 3, 2019 9:05:00 AM

When implementing personalization, a necessary first step is setting up a recommendation system to show the best information to each client at the best time, across all digital channels. The number of clicks is a good indicator of how well you are doing. It will also tell you if there are aspects of what you are displaying that could be further personalized.

An article published by The Netflix Tech Blog suggests that a good approach would be to consider the artwork or imagery used to display different possibilities. To Netflix, this translates into showing different users different thumbnails for the same movie or series. The trick is to shuffle different options to automatically test what works for each user, and based on that, decide what to show in the future to increase click probability.

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The data you need is already there

Posted by Felipe Gil on Nov 22, 2019 9:28:00 AM

There are a few things that I fear more than being out of touch. These days, being outdated might leave you out of the conversation. Recently, I experienced being on the receiving end of that "out of touch-ness": as I logged into my online banking, a gleaming ad for a cool gadget popped up.

Don't they know me? Can't they see that not only I don't have money in my account for impulse purchases, but that I never buy that kind of stuff?

Doesn't it feel ironic that the company that knows everything I earn and spend can't tell what type of offer would be more relevant to me?

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Marketers and cryptocurrencies, we all need to go mainstream

Posted by Felipe Gil on Nov 14, 2019 9:02:00 AM

When was the first time you've head about crypto-currencies? They are less than ten years old, an inevitable product of increasing digitalization.

The original Bitcoin has been joined by numerous others, copies, bitcoin cash, initial coin offerings, (ICOs), digital cash from  high end respectable sources like Wells Fargo, decentralized e-currencies, even a sharia-compliant crypto-currency. And now Facebook, with a not quite consolidated consortium of thirty-odd unregulated FI services partners, is poised by 2020 to take Libra and its concomitant services to the millions for whom social media is the lynch-pin of their existence.

The future of each of these and the endless others spawning almost weekly must inevitably depend on their stability, security, transparency and user confidence generated by the qualities of the aforementioned.

What else is expected to happen with digital payment systems in the near future?

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It is time to recover your brand trust. Keep your word

Posted by Felipe Gil on Nov 7, 2019 7:57:12 AM

When we adopt new technologies in our daily lives, they present us with changes to our behavior that slowly but steadily become almost irreversible. We now "live connected" and think of cellphones as a part of our bodies, but technology also changes us in subtle ways. 

I'm old enough to remember when making an appointment with a friend was a real commitment. We used to organize our day to be there on time, and our word used to have value, and keeping promises was a sign of good manners.

If someone didn't show up, it was because something extraordinary happened. Today when we arrange to meet someone, there is always the implicit chance that it might not happen, just a message away.

Did our word lose value?

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MAXX 2019, 15th to 17th October, Spokane, Washington

Posted by Felipe Gil on Oct 10, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Next October 15th to 17th  we'll be present on the Credit Union Association annual convention MAXX 2019, along with our partner Tyfone.

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The power of surprise: making your clients find you when they least expect it

Posted by Felipe Gil on Oct 3, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Positioning in search engines is important. Search Engine Optimization often relies on keywords, and other proven methods that make your bank come out on search results every time someone looks for “retail bank”. But this often overlooks what people are really looking for on the internet.

Is the young person who is becoming financially independent really looking for the words “retail bank”? Or is their query instead something along the lines of “how do I open a bank account”?

If a potential customer is looking for a friendly bank, with an easy-to-use app, is yours there to be found? Or is mobile banking hoarding the best positions in SEO?

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