How to seize growth opportunities, 6 trends for banks and CUs. Part 1

Personalization and the "New Normal" webinar for financial institutions

Eltropy and Prisma Campaigns Announce Partnership Agreement

How to be agile in today’s context. Webinar for Credit Union marketers

Digital Marketing in the age of COVID-19

Digital member experience: New Jumio integration for digital IDs verifications

COVID-19: Celebrating the small wins and "good problems” to have

COVID-19 outbreak: Suggested best practices for Banks and Credit Unions

Who Needs Help Choosing a Marketing Platform for FIs?

Face-to-face season is about to start...

A New Framework for Personalization ROI for Financial Institutions

2 Truths and 2 Lies. Marketing Personalization for Banks and Credit Unions

The Balancing Act in the Roadmap to Personalization Infographic (part 4)

The Five Steps of the Roadmap to Personalization Infographic (part 3)

A New Definition for Personalization Infographic (part 2)

The Three Personalization Dilemmas Infographic (part 1)

Challenges and opportunities for Credit Unions - a year of learning

How popular culture sees banks and what can we learn about it

Embracing the Digital Imperative

Personalized artwork? Taking personalization further

Happy Thanksgiving!

The data you need is already there

Marketers and cryptocurrencies, we all need to go mainstream

It is time to recover your brand trust. Keep your word

Humanized digital banking in the AI era

MAXX 2019, 15th to 17th October, Spokane, Washington

The power of surprise: making your clients find you when they least expect it

Planning your Credit Union Digital Marketing strategy for 2020?

ABA Bank Marketing Conference, Sept. 22nd to 24th, 2019 at Austin, TX

The Martech Conference, 16th to 18th September, Boston, MA.

Poetry, a fuel for your personalization marketing engine

Why banking marketers should be thinking about neuroscience and psychology impact?

CULytics meet-up 4th and 5th September, 2019, San José, California

See you at Clab 2019 in Miami, FL!

Personalization in FIs marketing: digitize for value and not for cost

Data analytics and machine learning in marketing in FIs

The customer's quick flit in FIs and retail banks

The near-near, almost here, future of retail banking

Fintech landscape - We need it all and we need it now

Digital transformation of FIs - It all goes out the window

Who will run the AI in banking?

From digital banking to intelligent banking

Marketing in FIs: three pillars, or four?

Prisma Campaigns takes home Innovation Club Award from AXFI’s 3rd Annual Killer Fintech Speed Rounds

Marketing in FIs: the three pillars of relationships

Marketing in retail banks: all generations, a single campaign

See you at AXFI conference 2019!

The B2B Buyer Journey in Corporations and Financial Institutions (part 2)

The B2B Buyer Journey in Corporations and Financial Institutions (part 1)

Personalization in FIs marketing: "Our task is not to go far, it is to get closer."

Best adoption practices for Marketing Automation

The diverse bank customer [Digital marketing today]

CU Rise Analytics Partners with Prisma Campaigns to Help Credit Unions Effectively Leverage Data

We don't accept tokens [Digital marketing today]

Marketing in FIs: everyone gets a bite

It begins at home [Digital marketing today]

Viva, Las Vegas!

Agile in digital marketing? Get it done!

Adopting new platforms in marketing. The APIs!

How digital banking is evolving to put consumers first

Why AI is the best way to market your FI

The 5 key benefits of using a marketing automation platform

What banks can learn from digital giants

How to increase your ROI with digital marketing

Getting it [Digital banking experience part 2]

What your customers expect from your bank in St. Valentine's?

Losing it [Digital banking experience part 1]

2019's 6 biggest digital marketing trends in the financial sector

Why your bank's marketing plan needs innnovation

This is the future of marketing for retail banking

Is your credit union ready for marketing automation?

What the growth of AI means for financial institutions

How to leverage mobile devices in your finance marketing strategy

Why banks need an automation plaform designed for the financial sector

How digital transformation impacts your customers

Top tactics for banks to improve their share of wallet

How to choose your FI's marketing automation solution in 7 steps (Part 4/4)

What financial institutions need to know before adopting a marketing automation platform (Part 3/4)

From handcraft to automated marketing in financial market (Part 2/4)

How bank marketers can address the #1 expectation of today's consumers (Part 1/4)

The 5 biggest challenges of automated marketing - and how to overcome them

Top tips for helping clients adapt to digital banking

How to personalize omnichannel campaigns in banking

Why digital marketing for banks is a win-win situation

How to create an effective multichannel customer onboarding campaign

Marketing Automation and CRM: A match made in heaven

How digital marketing impacts the financial industry in 2018

Prisma Campaigns and Tyfone Team up to Offer Omnichannel Marketing Solutions to Financial Institutions

What the road ahead looks like for banks and digital media

Been there, done that: Some takeaways about AI from forum 2018

New Prisma Campaign version released: 2.7.0

Meet us at the financial brand forum!

Meet us at LENDIT FINTECH USA 2018!

Cross-selling with Prisma Campaigns: love is a two-way street

Meet us at RBI 2018 EU!

Growth Hacking inspired ideas for banks

New Prisma Campaign version released: V2.6.81

Top financial institution trends that will shape the world


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