How to choose your FI's marketing automation solution in 7 steps (Part 4/4)

Posted by Felipe Gil on Dec 7, 2018 7:02:00 AM
Felipe Gil

prisma_campaigns_financeTaking the following general tips into account might help to set some parameters in the search of a marketing automation solution that will hopefully make things easier for your colleagues working in the marketing department and improve your ROI:


  1. An automation platform it’s supposed to save you time and resources. The software you choose should be easy and intuitive to use, one that involves repeatable and streamlined actions (one that can clone existing programs, edit in one place and automatically upload the underlying assets). Pick a system that isn’t more trouble than it’s worth it, be suspicious if your system wants you to copy-paste.
  1. Avoid any software that sends batch-and-blast emails to generic audiences, nobody reads or respond those emails anymore. Desirable software should make it easy to have a conversation with your client, to listen and respond on all channels and keep track of what messages customers have already seen. It should enable you to gently walk the client to the sales funnel.


  1. Look for a solution that lights your creativity. With a complete, varied, library of resources, always updated. For example, email and landing page templates are always welcome.
  1. You want software that’s responsive to your growth, that “learns” with you. Once a marketing automation program walks you through a step-by-step process you want to be sure that there would be no need to do it again.
  1. A good automation platform shouldn't get old quickly. It's important to be aware of the actual state of marketing knowing that it is constantly changing and it will continue to do so. Choose an automation platform that shows signs of being flexible and adaptable. Maybe even one that looks futuristic.


  1. There's no need to do this alone, search for community and avoid isolated, hermetic solutions. Make sure that your new automation software gives you access to a supportive community, changing from one paradigm to a new one is not easy and you might need help of expert colleagues along the way.
  1. Don't be afraid of asking too many questions. Some software designs might look smart enough to help with a problem, but if you look closely to functionality you can discover they aren't, and you want to discover this before acquiring the software. The solution you are looking for is meant to optimize your time and energy, especially when it comes to reporting and analytics, this should be user friendly and flexible. The whole point of getting an automation platform for marketing is to be able to accurately prove the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

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Great challenges come with great opportunities

According to IDC “an Accenture survey released early last year, one in three people would happily switch their bank accounts to Facebook, Google, or Amazon if they started offering banking services.” Luckily, we are not that close to see this actually happening but this is valuable information, and maybe should be taken as a warning. What the survey is screaming in our face is that what customers really want from their financial institution is to be provided by better real time, personalized and contextual interactions.

 This is indeed a great challenge, and we couldn't agree more that “The current state of financial services marketing is both ‘the best of times and the worst of times,’ where being a marketer has never been more exciting,” according to the Digital Banking Report, 2018 Guide for Financial Marketing. But remember that great challenges come with great opportunities, embracing new data sources, technologies like automation platforms and digital marketing channels will provide your clients with better real time, personalized and contextual interactions. These are the things that add up to a better customer experience. And marketing today is all about the customer experience.

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